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"Create more healthy addictions & less restrictions".
— D. Castaneda

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what is beatala?

A concept born from the necessity of self-evolution, BeAtala is a wellness club that offers an array of beauty treatments, sports therapies, and other healthy & spiritual practices that will evoke your best self. Our network of experts & sports clubs guarantees the best natural results through their high-end personalized services.

We were inspired to form a community of goal-oriented, empowered individuals. BeAtala chooses Coconut Grove, Miami, as the hub to create a community focused on self-improvement, mind, body, & spirit. Allow us to be your stepping stone in reconnecting with your innermost self while forming bonds with others.

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what we do?

BeAtala's team of experts is dedicated to organizing an ideal schedule of services, treatments & activities to help you reach your self-improvement goals. Our community of health & wellness professionals offers a collection of services ranging from Hot Yoga, Body Sculpt, Pilates & Sauna sessions, all aiding in eliminating toxins and excess fluids.

Your BeAtala Wellness Concierge may also organize outdoor activities such as Padel Tennis. To further aid your self-improvement journey, BeAtala also offers various massages, non-invasive aesthetic beauty treatments, and supplements that naturally improve body appearance by reducing cellulite, water retention & fat.

Our 360 approach to self-improvement is the perfect combination to fast-track you to your better self. Start your journey towards emotional & physical balance today!

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why beatala?

The Atala is a butterfly born in South Florida, exclusively in Palm Beach, Miami, the Bahamas, Turks, and Caicos. It lives in a beautiful, healthy environment. Perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and developing into its best self. Atala also means "Emmaus," representing the claim to the divine, the essential, and the actual value of being.

Post-covid, the responsibility to create healthy communities in exclusive environments so that families unite, men and women alike can connect, and jointly develop a strong passion for sports, discipline, and nutrition was ever more present.  So, let's start being our most divine selves, be essential, be authentic, be your best self, BeAtala!  

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